Chilli International Launches Blue Ray Disinfection Machine (KILLER 100) First Time in India

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New Delhi: Hong Kong-based Chilli International has launched for the first time in India, Killer 100 Blue Ray disinfection machine. A light weight, multipurpose machine, Killer 100 is ideal for home, workplace, mall, car, or personal use for unparalleled disinfection. An exclusive model of Chilli International, the Killer 100 has been designed in Japan and assembled in China. With this product the company aims to bringing life back to normal.

As the world defends itself against the unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak, maintaining utmost hygiene is our greatest weapon. Currently, the products available in the market are the likes of Disco fog machines which are incompatible for regular home & personal usage. Chilli’s Killer 100 aims to disrupt the market and ensure bacterial removal & disinfection possible at home with ease in day-to-day life. Killer 100 Blue Ray disinfection machine comes equipped with a 280 ml bottle with a spraying capacity of 22 ml per minute. It operates on 1300 w power and requires a preheating time of 1 min before use. The disinfection machine is suitable for use on human skin when sprayed from a distance of atleast 2-3 feet and can be used with a liquid disinfectant prescribed by a medical professional or doctor. The bottle should not be filled with a flambale liquid under any circumstance.

Sufiyan Motiwala, CEO, Chilli International holding (HK) limited said, “The idea behind creating this product is to further the cause of restoring normalcy and bringing everyone – be it individuals or companies – back to their feet. It is the result of combined efforts and hard work put in by both Indian and international experts. Currently, we aim to sell 100K units in the next two months in India.

Delivering quality products with warranty has always been our key priority and we are focused to become synonymus to disninfection machine as 3M & Venus are in the mask manufacturing market. We will launch more such innovative products and solutions focused on health and hygiene in the times to come.”

The steam-emitting disinfection machine can also be used for other purposes such as cleaning vegetables or as a steamer for moisturizing the skin, depending on the need. For this, users just have to fill the bottle with the required solution – a combination of water and vinegar, for instance – if you need to clean doorknobs, telephones, or any other surface. All you need to do is spray and wipe off.

The brand has also planned to launch the products on all the leading e-commerce channels so that the product can reach the maximum number of customers sooner in these crucial times. The company is associated with Staunch, one of the leading players in this industry to ensure the availability at all platforms like Flikpart & Amazon at a price point of Rs. 6999/- inclusive of all taxes. It will also be available at B2B platform; Udaan and offline markets by next week. The machine is very handy and lightweight, and comes with a 6-month warranty; terms and conditions applied. Corporate enquires can be sent to

About Chilli International holding (HK) limited: Chilli International holding (HK) limited is a fastgrowing smart mobile technology enterprise. With headquarters in HongKong, China, the company is spread across 25 countries including India, Dubai, China and USA, Asia, America and African continents.The company holds a manufacturing capacity of 1 Million products a month.





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