AIIMS Delhi Professor develops cost effective ventilators for patients

AIR News
New Delhi: When the country is fighting against COVID-19, innovators like Dr Deepak Agarwal of AIIMS have developed cost effective ventilators for the patients. Speaking exclusively to AIR News, Dr Agrawal who is Professor of Neuro-Surgery in AIIMS New Delhi said, the inspiration to develop the ventilator came from the patients at AIIMS, who could not go home until a year just because they were dependent on the ventilator and the patients who need it life long.

Dr Agarwal said, he along with robotics scientist Diwakar Vaish developed the ventilator 5 years back and now the capabilities of the ventilator has been improved by incorporating a negative ion generator which inactivates the COVID-19 virus. The inactivated virus is trapped at the expiratory end by a positive charge system and protects the environment. He said, the ventilator is simple, small in size, user friendly, economical, easy to maintain and run. It is helpful for COVID-19 patients too.

Dr Agarwal said, Health Ministry has placed an order for 10 thousand ventilators which they will provide this month. He said, they can manufacture more than 20 thousand ventilators per month.

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